Our Activities

Our company deals with a wide range of measurement tasks in various sectors of industry.

  • Incoming inspection of hydraulic components (runner, shaft, stator, rotor, crosspiece).
  • Support for assembly of hydraulic units, virtual assembly.
  • Installation of stator wedges.
  • Inspection of spiral casing.
  • HPP.
  • Assembly of hydraulic units.
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  • Inspection of workbenches, jigs, assembly tooling, fixtures, die sets.
  • Inspection of finished products.
  • Leveling.
  • Projection of livery when painting aircraft.
  • Aircraft scanning and 3D modeling.
  • Measurement of jigs, geometry inspection of jigs.
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  • Determination of the mill axis inclination.
  • Determination of the drive axis inclination, turn and tilt.
  • Support for mill adjustment and installation.
  • Measurement of inclination of bedplates.
  • Alignment of mills.
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  • Support for equipment installation.
  • Installation, adjustment of sole plates and embedded parts.
  • Inspection and alignment of main parts of paper machines, cardboard machines and corrugators.
  • Alignment of other pulp and paper equipment.
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  • Alignment of sheet-rolling shop (geometry inspection of stands, geometry inspection of coiler section, inspection of run-in and run-out tables).
  • Inspection of continuous-casting plant, modeling, adjustment of rollers.
  • Alignment of continuous-casting machines.
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  • Alignment and adjustment of welding benches.
  • Geometry inspection of die sets, jigs, vehicle body.
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  • Shape inspection of tires and support rollers.
  • Alignment and commissioning of rotary kilns, coolers, nodulizers, dryers.
  • Central angles and geometry of the spatial position of rotation axes of support rollers and tires on all supports of a rotary kiln.
  • Turns and slopes of support rollers of a rotary kiln.
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  • Measurement of components, sections, blocks both during and after completion of manufacturing and construction.
  • Application of check points for painting.
  • Marking of a slipway and axes of the centerline, baseline and frames to create the coordinate system of a vessel or a ship during its construction.
  • Quality control of assembly jigs.
  • Jig operations to position sections and blocks in the vessel’s coordinate system.
  • Shape and dimension check of a vessel’s hull under construction.
  • Geometry inspection of supporting and mating surfaces of vessel foundations for main and auxiliary mechanisms, shafting, equipment, and devices.
  • Marking the position of main and auxiliary mechanisms, shafting, equipment, and devices.
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  • Alignment of elements. Surface inspection for all surface shapes. Diameter determination.
  • Determination of the radius relative to the geometric axis of the part.
  • Concentricity of elements. Surface roughness.
  • Inspection of the positional location of hole centers.
  • Alignment of the centers of the control elements of the shaft.
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3D scanning

  • 3D scanning of buildings, objects, and industrial structures.
  • Visual analysis and measurements based on scan data.
  • Creation of actual CAD models based on scanning results.

Measurements, especially high-precision ones, are a highly specialized task. However, various industries constantly face the need for accurate industrial measurements. Measurements are necessary in completely different cases: from the lack of information about the object to the manufacture of a precise model of a part.

Our company’s main activity is metrology that is not subject to licensing.
We guarantee professional competence, equipment and other material capabilities required for high-precision measurements.

All measuring equipment that we use in our work is listed in the State Register of Measuring Instruments and has a government-issued certificate of verification.

All our professionals completed specialized training in working with hardware and software, which is evidenced by certificates.

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